All Purpose Cleaner and How We Use It At Home
For many years, we've been playing around with various recipes for a home cleaner. As I've been narrowing down the perfect recipe and having friends and family test it out, we're finally ready to release our new All Purpose Cleaner and Cleaner Concentrate!

Why do we love this product?
Our All Purpose Cleaner is sulfate-free, fragrance-free and a real powerhouse for multiple surfaces. It can be scented with my favorite essential oils, I can use it for cleaning in almost every room of the house and my favorite part? The Concentrate - which equals less plastic waste and more bang for your buck!

How do we use this product at home?
Simply put - this is our go-to kitchen cleaner after cooking. When we need additional deep cleaning and disinfecting, we use the powerhouse combination of vinegar followed by hydrogen peroxide. This is especially important for cleaning after cooking with meats, especially chicken. Check out the video below where I go over how we clean using vinegar and hydrogen peroxide + we talk a bit about extra disinfecting/sanitizing due to COVID-19

Other ways to use our All Purpose Cleaner
Our All Purpose Cleaner and All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate can be used in a variety of ways to help clean your home.

Product Wash - you can use about 1 teaspoon in a gallon of water to soak large amounts of product. Let them soak a bit, rinse clean then let dry before putting away. You can also use a spray of the All Purpose Cleaner (if you have left it unscented) to quickly wash just a few items before eating them.
Glass Cleaner - Just a few drops in a full 16 ounces of distilled water will create a streak-free glass and surface cleaner
Bathroom Cleaning - you can give surfaces and extra powerful scrub by pairing the All Purpose Cleaner with our Oxygen Scrubbing Powder (coming soon).
Laundry - Use the full strength Concentrate as a stain pre-treatment. Dilute the Concentrate at 1 part to 2 parts water and use 2-3 tablespoons as a laundry detergent. Add a bit of our Oxygen Scrubbing Powder to the load to brighten whites.
Dishes - Use a 1:1 combination of the Concentrate and water to use as a dish soap
Stains - the All Purpose Cleaner can be used on fabric stains as well. Spray, dwell, dab dry. You should always perform a swatch test to make sure the product is compatible with your fabric. Using distilled water instead of tap water will help with water spots.
Give it a nice scent - our cleaning products are unscented but you can give them a nice aroma by adding your own essential oils. Just a few drops into the All Purpose Cleaner will give it a lovely scent! Adding certain essential oils may make the solution cloudy.

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