Natural Deodorant
Using natural deodorants are significantly different from using commercial deodorants. You apply them differently, your body goes through a detox and sometimes you need to prepare your armpits for the switch to natural deodorants!

The Difference

Commercial deodorants are filled with
- parabens
- aluminum
- fragrances
- propylene glycol

Natural deodorants are filled with
- essential oils
- arrowroot powder
- probiotics or magnesium or charcoal or all three

Basically, for every ingredient in a chemical-fill commercial deodorant, there is a natural alternative that you can retrain your body to adjust to!

The Detox

Your body can go through a detox phase when making the transition from chemical-filled commercial deodorants to natural deodorants. There are a lot of things you can do during this transition to help your armpits adjust!

1. Use a detoxifying wash on your armpits daily
Good news! Our Tea Tree Activated Charcoal facial bar soap can double as a detoxifying wash for your transitioning armpits. The detox phase can last up to a week or two. During this time, if you are having armpit irritation, one way to encourage armpit detoxifying is to use our charcoal face soap on your armpits when you bathe. Another alternative to using our charcoal soap is to use the Black Konjac sponge on your underarms.

2. Use a detoxifying mask
Need a little extra oomph to encourage armpit detox? Every few days you can apply our Charcoal Mud Mask on your armpits to draw toxins from years of commercial deodorant.

3. Soothe armpit skin
After scrubbing and using a mask, sometimes you can feel extra irritated. A great way to calm the sensitive skin on your armpits is to apply a soothing, moisturizing serum. We don't currently have an armpit-specific product but our Baby Oil contains some of the same great botanical oils that would appear in a soothing armpit serum.

Using a Natural Deodorant

Natural Deodorants typically come in two forms - cream deodorant and stick deodorant

The texture of a cream deodorant is spectacular, but most people don't like the extra effort of rubbing in their deodorant. That's where a stick deodorant comes in!

While formulating the perfect consistency for a twist tube stick deodorant isn't easy, we've done a pretty great job a Halo! Our Natural Deodorant contains odor-absorbing magnesium and baking soda as well as moisturizing coconut oil and shea butter and antibacterial essential oils. The other great thing about a stick deodorant? You can still rub in the product similar to the way a cream deodorant is meant to be rubbed in!

To use our natural deodorant:
- twist the tube up a bit to expose product
- hold tube against your armpit for a few seconds to warm product
- apply only a few swipes! The key to using a natural deodorant is that you don't want to load on the product the way you are used to doing with commercial deodorants.
- allow the product to soak in a bit before wearing clothing or rub product in

So how do you incorporate Halo's Natural Deodorant into your daily routine?
1. For the first few weeks, every time you bathe, scrub your armpits with our Charcoal Face Soap or Black Konjac Sponge
2. Every 3-4 days for the first weeks, apply our Charcoal Mud Mask to underarms.
3. Use our Baby Oil to help soothe irritated armpits
4. Apply Natural Deodorant according to instructions.

As of this post, we have four unique scents for you to try! Citrus, Lavender, Peregrine and Wildwood. Lavender has by far been our best seller. We have a few options planned in the upcoming months as well! Unscented/Baking Soda Free, Charcoal Deodorant and a few other essential oils blends as well.

What are some of your favorite essential oil blends for natural deodorant?

Stay tuned!
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